Product Review: Wanderskye Color Your World Luggage Cover

Monday, March 09, 2015

I don’t mind my luggage getting scratched. Dents and scratches are like battle wounds knowing your luggage has gone far. My travel companion braved cobblestone steps in Europe and harsh, rainy winter days in the Middle East. It has remained tough for more than a year now.

luggage cover

Last year, I started following Wanderskye’s Instagram account and saw their amazing line of luggage covers. The designs are unique and inspiring even. What I like about this is that the artists behind the designs are Filipinos. It’s a Philippine brand I would definitely support. So I contacted their number and double checked if they still have the London Lifestyle design for a large size cover. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. The design and color would’ve been perfect for my burgundy luggage.

Just last week, they released a new design called Color Your World. It’s not as eye-catching as the other designs, but what I like about this Wanderskye Original is that you can personalize this cover: by coloring the countries you’ve visited (hence the name Color Your World).

A Wanderskye Original: Color Your World
front design
Back design
On their IG post, every order of Color Your World luggage cover comes with an orange Sharpie (but mine didn’t :[ ). Still, I bought extra Sharpies so I’ll have more color options.

Pastel colored Sharpies I bought at National Bookstore
Now the fun part begins!

Careful not to mess up!
It’s not a comprehensive world map so I had to check the internet for specific land areas of countries, particularly the Indonesian Archipelago and borders of Lebanon, Palestine and Israel. Some countries were not even visible on the map like Hong Kong and Macau.

Carefully dotting colors on Indonesia's islands
When I’m done coloring the (visible) countries I’ve been to, I realized there are still too many white spots on my luggage cover. The world is too big that I’d be really happy and thankful to visit even just a quarter of it (different sources have different numbers, with the largest count at 196 independent countries). Since I live in Southeast Asia, most of the countries I visited are on the east. I enjoyed this fun activity so much that I wanted to shade more countries! Of course, I didn’t because I haven’t been there yet (Honestly, how many Sharpies do I need for Russia? Someday, Moscow. Someday).

Still so many white spots on this side of the world
So what are luggage covers for?

First, they protect your luggage from dirts, stains and scratches (especially if you own those very expensive ones).

Second, you can easily spot your luggage at the baggage carousel.

Third, it’s for security purposes. It’s easy how a pen can pierce through a luggage zipper even when the sliders are secured with a padlock or attached to a TSA lock. In addition, soft case luggages (made with leather or other fabric material) are prone to crushing and they are non-resistant to impact, rain or snow (you know, not all luggages are handled with care right after you leave yours at the check-in counter). Honestly, I get worried that someone might take something from my belongings or put dangerous items inside my luggage. Thus, I always buy the hard case ones even if that means additional 2 or 3 kilos on my baggage allowance. Having a luggage cover is super beneficial for those who prefer soft case luggages with several pockets on the outside which cannot be secured with a padlock.

Fourth, a stylish way to travel!

So here’s how it’s going to look like:

My Voyager luggage: standard large size, up to 30-35kg
White scratches and a small dent on the corner 
Well-protected on the front..
..and at the back
Putting it on was easy and you can do it by yourself. The fabric is stretchable (polyester spandex) and has holes on the top and on both sides for your luggage’s handles. I thought I won’t be able to fasten the zipper at the bottom but it perfectly sealed tight after stretching the material. Wanderskye’s luggage covers are washable, but I’m not sure if the Sharpies would fade after washing. I’ll see how sturdy Wanderskye’s travel cover is during my trip this weekend.

Packaging Specifications:

The large size of Color Your World luggage cover costs Php 1,695 (delivery fee inclusive in Metro Manila). I ordered from their website and paid using my PayPal account. Orders can also be made via SMS/Viber. Wanderskye ships around the world.

You can view more products and shop at:
IG: wanderskye
SMS/Viber: 0915.336.6959

Start traveling the world!
Quick Tips:

1. Insert a cardboard, a folder or a thick brown envelope in between the front and back fabric. I was so excited, I made a mistake in shading right away that dots of ink seeped through the back portion.

2. Search for a world map or regional map for accuracy.

3. Let the ink dry first before putting the cover on your luggage.

Safe and stylish travels to you as you take a trip around the world!

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