The Problem with Being Away From Home

Friday, April 19, 2019

A month ago, I came back from my birthday trip in Siargao and Manila. I feel rejuvenated staying in the Philippines for a week. Although my ideal tita vacation is very simple and domesticated (such as locking myself in my pad, grocery shopping at SM Hypermarket, and getting a full body massage at Nuat Thai), I haven’t done anything to pamper myself.

coconut trees and beach
Magpupungko Beach, Pilar, Siargao
Right after Siargao, I had to run errands for 3 days straight in Manila. I barely had time to stay at my own place (my first big investment), which made me feel a bit miserable (to be honest) by the time I hopped on the plane back to Singapore.

face makeup

Part 2: Review of My New Face Makeup Collection

Saturday, February 16, 2019

I used to wear a full face of makeup when I step out of the house. But now that I’m settled in with powder as my daily base, I find how blushes and bronzers do their magic when you only have 15 minutes to look put together.

mac blush, nars blush, nars bronzer

Although these makeup aren’t new in the beauty community, it was my first time trying out these products, especially the ones from NARS. Keep on reading if you’re curious about my new bronzer and blushes!

base makeup

Part 1: Review of My New Base Makeup Collection

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

It's so hard to resist buying new makeup, especially if you consider yourself as a beauty enthusiast. I’ve told myself time and time again that I don’t need to buy a new lipstick or blush, but that didn't stop me from testing out these beauties. Heck, I've even strongly written it down on my NY’s resolution that I'm only repurchasing makeup that I've already used up, but nothing happened (LOL!).

concealer, loose powder foundation, pressed powder, tinted moisturizer

With so many brands and products in the market, it’s difficult not to get enticed with the new product offerings, especially when they are being so raved about by your favorite beauty vloggers. In the past year, I’ve collected a total of 33 42 new makeup which I think will be my go-to essentials for 2019.

From drugstore and Philippine local brands to high-end products, I’m giving a rundown of my new collection, beginning with base makeup!

agenda refill

LV Agenda PM Refill Alternative: The Kikki.K Time Planner

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Louis Vuitton Agenda PM refills aren’t exactly budget-friendly. Although they fit in the LV small ring agenda cover very well, not everyone is willing to spend much on these planners. That’s why I scouted for an alternative refill that's more affordable, but still functions like the LV ones.

Kikki.K planner

Here in Singapore, I found a stationery and gift store called kikki.K. The stylish gifts and paper products of Scandinavian designs got my attention as I was walking around VivoCity. Some of their newly-released products are still pricey, but they often have discounts.

agenda refill

Louis Vuitton 2019 Agenda PM Refill Review

Monday, January 28, 2019

Have you thought about getting a Louis Vuitton PM agenda refill for 2019? January will be over soon, but some of you might still be unsure whether to get this year’s LV agenda refill or not. I personally prefer last year’s design and concept. However, I’m already used to the layout of LV refills, so I decided to give this one another try.

agenda planner refill review

The theme for this year’s refills revolves around the journey of the Alzer, Louis Vuitton’s iconic hard case suitcase trunk. The Alzer was born in the 19th century, a legacy that the brand imprinted in the history of luxury travel.

life update

Delayed But Not Denied: What My 2018 Looked Like

Sunday, January 20, 2019

I’m back in Singapore and I’m easing my way again to normal, daily living after the long holiday break. Looking at the past year, it was one of my best years so far. Despite the whirlwind of emotions, the times of uncertainty, and the abrupt need to move places, 2018 was a year of answered prayers.

I had to admit though, the beginning of 2018 for me wasn’t great. I felt like there was a spillover of depression from 2017 that trickled down to early last year. Trials after trials, bad decisions, goals too far-fetched no matter how hard I tried – these all had broken me down into panic attacks and mornings when I just didn’t want to get out of bed.


5 Things I Miss Most In Manila

Saturday, December 29, 2018

I’m currently at NAIA Terminal 1, waiting for my flight back to Singapore. Since my move to The Lion City in June, I’ve been home thrice and the time spent there is always never enough. I know OFWs who live farther miss home so much more than I do – but in reality, I still do. Even if the flight time takes only 3-4 hours, I still get enthusiastic thinking about going home, seeing family, friends, and familiar faces, and lying in my own bed!

But don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the convenience that Singapore brings, three of which are the high-speed internet, convenient means of transportation, and almost zero crime rate. However, there are things I just miss about Manila that I didn’t think I would.

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