How I Used My Globe Rewards Points for the First Time

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Last night, Xoce and I went for a date to cap off the busy work week. We were supposed to have dinner at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, but we got really hungry so we decided to visit Max’s Restaurant instead (getting hungry means devouring rice).

globe rewards
While we were choosing food from the menu, there was a small advertisement on the table that says you can pay using your Globe Rewards points. If you’re a Globe Subscriber (whether prepaid or postpaid), you’ve probably received in the past few days an SMS from 4438 that you have this certain amount of points that will be valid until March 31, 2015. Usually, I would ignore these messages. But then, I remembered I already have 198.11 points.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to know how this works. So when one of the waiters approached us, I asked if I can pay using my Globe Rewards points. He said yes and gave me this:

Instructions on how to pay using your Globe Rewards Points. Max's Restaurant's number is indicated on the card.
I turned the card over for more information.

Detailed information at the back of the card
The waiter explained that at least 50 points (equivalent to Php 50) should be made to be able to pay. Payment should only be in whole numbers, therefore centavo equivalent will not be accepted.

Since I have 198.11 points, I can only pay an amount equivalent to Php 198. Xoce also has a few points that will expire soon, so he sent me 27 points (sharing your points with another person is also possible).

My available Globe Rewards points as of March 6, 2015 plus additional 27 points I received from Xoce last night
Since it’s Max’s Restaurant, having their famous fried chicken on the table is a must. We ordered half of their regular signature Max’s Fried Chicken (Php 201) and their Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu (Php 170) plus rice.

Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu made with blocks of semi-soft tofu, kangkong (water spinach), shiitake and button mushrooms, fried garlic and slightly sweet adobo sauce

Max's famous fried chicken with kamote (sweet potato) fries

I like mixing everything on a small plate for our fried chicken dip
Before we asked for the bill, I sent an SMS to 4438 (Globe Rewards number) and typed in “BUY” plus the 10-digit number of Max’s Restaurant and the amount of Globe Rewards points we’re going to use for payment. After a while a staff from Max’s approached me to verify if I indeed sent a payment to their number amounting to 225 points. The staff also verified my mobile number.

I received a text confirmation just 2 seconds after I sent 225 points to Max's Restaurant's number. It's that instant!
When we asked for our bill, the staff showed us our receipt and there was an entry for the Globe Rewards points I sent earlier.

Our total bill was Php 455. Because we already paid through my Globe Rewards points, the staff said our only balance would be Php 230, which can be paid through cash, credit or debit card. That’s around 50% off! Not only were our tummies happy, we also had extra budget to score Cafe Mary Grace’s delectable cakes!

Our total bill for last night's dinner
Why haven’t I paid attention to this any sooner?! I’ve been a postpaid subscriber of Globe for five years now and I just let all my rewards points expire in the past. From now on, I’ll definitely be collecting and saving my points for moments like this!

How to Use Your Globe Rewards Points
Key in: BUY<space>10-digit Globe number<space>amount
Example: BUY 9175442105 225 (Max’s Restaurant 10-digit Globe number)
Send to 4438

How to Share Your Globe Rewards Points
Key in: SHARE<space>10-digit Globe number of the person you’re sending your points to<space>amount
Example: SHARE 9178123456 30
Send to 4438

How to Know Your Remaining Globe Rewards Points
Send BAL to 4438

How to Know the List of Stores/Establishments Where You Can Use Your Globe Rewards Points
Send BUY to 4438

Here’s a list where you can use your Globe Rewards Points:

1. Max’s Restaurant
2. Jamba Juice
3. Hello
4. Quantum/Q Power Station
5. KFC
6. Ayala Malls Cinemas
7. Bench
8. Wendy’s
9. Figaro
10. Enchanted Kingdom
11. Memo Express

Remember, the minimum amount of points to be used must be 50 (equivalent to Php 50). There’s a Php 1 service fee for prepaid subscribers and none for postpaid subscribers.

For a first time user, this was a smooth experience. Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays so payment is easier. The next time I earn more points, I’ll definitely save them up for date nights. Or shopping.

Have you tried using your Globe Rewards points? How was your experience? Start using them before they expire!

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  1. Globe rewards can be used to buy or pay for our food, plus shopping, maganda pag globe ate noh? :)


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