(Updated 2018) My 5 Christmas and New Year Wish List for 2017

Sunday, October 08, 2017

So it’s nearly Christmas 2017 and I know people have started writing their wish list. I’ve been watching these wish list videos on YouTube and I actually find them amusing. I began to wonder as to what holiday presents I’d like to receive and I know for a fact there’s one thing my husband and I have been praying for – for months now – and cannot be bought by money.

But let’s be real – the holiday season is one of the biggest retail sales of the year and we can’t ignore the fact that we want to purchase something for ourselves, too (or we hope someone buys them for us!). I like shopping and wrapping presents for other people first during Christmas. And then after Christmas, that’s when I want to get a hold of my wish list towards January the following year. I know I’m weird. I just like the feeling of still having money to spend for myself towards the new year when everyone else’s pockets are already empty because of holiday shopping.

holiday gifts

So what do I want to get myself this year (or early next year)? Here are my top 5 picks.

1. BeautyBlender

Ever since I started using a BeautyBlender last year, I never used a foundation brush anymore to apply my base makeup. I used to love the Real Techniques buffing brush to apply my foundation, but now I can’t put my BeautyBlender down. I use it for applying foundation, concealer, cream contour, and setting powder.

beautyblender, beautyblender solid, beautyblender cleanser, beauty blender original pink, beautyblender swirl
Image from Beautyblender.com
Ideally a BeautyBlender sponge should be replaced every three months, but if you’re not a pro-makeup artist, you will use it for as long as it can hold. Mine’s running on its 10th month so I need to replace it by January. To be fair, mine’s not torn yet – just a little discolored.

Update (January 13, 2018): I got myself a new BeautyBlender from Watson's SM Makati last week! Yay! The first few months it was released at selected Watson's stores, the original (pink) and pro (black) versions were always sold out. Thankfully I got a hold of the original pink version.

beauty sponges in egg shape
Got my new BeautyBlender from Watson's at Php 990, which is more or less the same price as in the US. I haven't used the old one in a month, so it shrunk back almost to its original size. I didn't wash the old one anymore and threw it out. See the middle part of the old sponge and look at how faded the pink color had become.

2. Benefit Cosmetics FREE ROLLIN’! Roller Lash Kit

Finishing up my second tube of Benefit Roller Lash, I realized I only have one regular tube and two travel size mascaras left in my makeup stash. Though it’s not an immediate must-have, I just like to hoard get a set of the FREE ROLLIN’! Roller Lash Kit just because I can save Php 800 (about US$ 16) by getting a free travel size one in the kit (and Roller Lash is my favorite mascara ever!).
Full size and travel size Roller Lash. Image from Sephora.ph
On top of that, Benefit Cosmetics just keeps on increasing their prices every year! I bought my first Roller Lash Kit for Php 1,400 last year and now the kit costs Php 100 more (which can buy me a full meal with drinks, btw!).

Update (January 13, 2018): So I discovered a new mascara during my shopping trip in Guam and I feel like I want to get the full size version. I was immediately hooked with the formula so I think I'll pass on getting a new Benefit Roller Lash kit for now.

3. Uniqlo Wireless Bra (Beauty Light)

A Php 990 bra (about US$ 20) is quite expensive, to be honest. I just keep on waiting for Uniqlo to have a sale on their wireless bras but it just. doesn’t. happen. I finally gave in and bought two Uniqlo Beauty Light Wireless Bras when I went to Osaka last April.

Uniqlo wireless bra
Uniqlo Wireless Bra (Beauty Light) (Heather). Image from Uniqlo.com
What I love about this bra is that it doesn’t have an underwire so it’s comfortable to wear, even on long haul flights. The materials used are of high quality, giving the bra its gorgeous shape. Because the Beauty Light bra is plain and doesn’t have any intricate fabric or design, it has been my go-to bra when I wear my H&M basic tees and Uniqlo Supima cotton shirts which I am fond of collecting.

So far after 5 months of use and washing, I like how this Uniqlo wireless bra is still free from being deformed or stretched. I’m keeping an eye on two more to add in my wardrobe.

Update (January 13, 2018): Instead of buying new tops before my trip to New Zealand last November, I opted for two Uniqlo bras instead. I got two of the Heather styles, one black (but it's actually dark gray in color) which is pictured above, and one beige.

4. Louis Vuitton 2018 Small Fonctionnal Weekly Agenda Refill

I just got my Louis Vuitton Small Ring Agenda cover (previously called the PM agenda cover) and all I need is a stack of refills to use my new agenda in its full capacity! Ok I know 2018 is still less than 3 months away, but I just can’t wait for the new year to begin!

I haven’t decided yet if I want the diary only or the complete version, but I’m sure I want the refills with the weekly set-up so that all the pages from January to December will fit into the Small Ring Agenda. I went to the Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt and asked for the price, and the SA told me that both the weekly diary and weekly complete versions are of the same price. Not sure though if she was mistaken since she only checked the price in the computer. They haven’t had the actual agenda inserts yet. There's also a considerable discrepancy when you compare it to the US LV site (normally prices in the Philippines are very similar to the US version, sometimes even cheaper).

Louis Vuitton 2018 PM agenda refill
2018 Agenda Refill artwork. Image from Louisvuitton.com
This one though, I'm hoping to get before Christmas because I feel like my local Louis Vuitton store will run out of stock by January. Let’s hope my husband will give in (LOL!).

Update (January 13, 2018): Yup, my husband gave in and got me my LV agenda refills before Christmas!

5. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch

Ok so I’ve been collecting SLGs (Small Leather Goods) lately and I’ve been thinking about getting a Louis Vuitton Key Pouch in damier ebene canvass for months now. Whenever I watch YouTube videos of Shea Whitney, Lala Loves LV, and Jerusha Couture, they keep on convincing me to get myself one. They’re like talking to me personally every single time!

key pouch damier ebene_Louis Vuitton
Key Pouch in Damier Ebene canvass. Image from Louisvuitton.com
This LV key pouch is a popular introductory piece for those who want to get into luxury goods without breaking the bank. Aside from its functionality of holding keys, cards, coins, earphones, hair ties, etc. (the list goes on), the craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton is just superb. Compared to other luxury brands, I don’t have to baby this particular SLG because it’s made with durable canvass. I even watched one video where she’s been using the same key pouch for 15 years now!

So what I’m planning to do with the LV key pouch is to store my parents’ house keys, a bank card and rewards card for grocery shopping, and bills and coins altogether. This will also be my go-to “wallet” when I downsize to small bags or when I need to run quick errands.

Update (January 13, 2018): I was planning to buy this Louis Vuitton key pouch after Christmas, but got it during my shopping spree in Guam last December. It was $20 cheaper there! I've been using this tiny, but super useful small leather good and I can now understand why luxury-brand owners have been raving AND collecting this small piece in all prints.

Have you thought about your wish list for holiday 2017? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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