Are Sunnies Face Fluffmattes Worth the Hype?

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Sunnies Face is another business venture of the Sunnies company, popular for their line of sunglasses, optical wear, and cafe. Now introducing their makeup line beginning with matte lipsticks called Fluffmatte, the well-known brand in the Philippines has been raking in sales for their new product. Affordability and millennial style are the brand’s strongest edges, but we shall see if these new lipsticks are worth the hype or just another local lipstick brand.

lipstick product review cover

Before the release, Sunnies Face has been building up the suspense in Instagram. In addition, they have been giving away PR packages to well-known local Youtubers, with consumers trapped in waiting just dying to get their hands on these coveted lipsticks! Free stuff could influence one’s decision, so might as well buy and try the product myself. So during my quick trip to Manila, I swerved by the Sunnies Face boutique in Glorietta to try the most-hyped makeup product in town.

It was already a week after the opening, but I still had to queue before entering the store. Good thing it was down to a 15-minute wait (I arrived at 3:00 PM on a Thursday) as compared to those who had to stand in line for hours. The marketing ploy was irritatingly genius, considering the store only opens from 12:00 NN - 6:00 PM and every customer is only allowed to purchase a maximum of three lipstick bullets. The store also implements crowd control, which adds curiosity to people outside wondering what the long line is for, and so that customers who are already inside the store can comfortably swatch and choose shades they’ve been eyeing for so long.

jelly makeup pouches in orange and red
makeup station, cashier, makeup store

Let me conjure a quick review on my store visit and buying experience. The store is what you’ll expect it to be: crisp and modern clean with hints of millennial pink. There were about 8 stations where you can try on the Fluffmatte lipsticks and almost every station has containers for cotton pads, cotton buds, and makeup remover. I had no problems in reaching for each shade to try on, with the exception of Baked. It’s one of the most popular ones so I had to ask one of their sales associates if the shade is still available.

When you’re ready to buy, just tell the staff your chosen shades and he or she will write them down for you in a sheet of paper. Line up at the cashier together with the list and you’ll get the lipsticks after payment. I got the shades Baked, Girl Crush, and 143.

3 lipsticks in boxes

What’s interesting in Sunnies Face’s range of matte lipsticks is that they only have 9 shades for starters, but they claim these shades are universally flattering on all skin tones. I don’t think they got it right on that part because the lightest shade Nudist doesn’t suit well on my morena skin (For reference: I use L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation in shade 105 and Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Light UV + Lightening Oil-Control Pressed Powder in 04 Honey).

In terms of product presentation, right off the bat, I can definitely say that the packaging was well thought-off. Each Fluffmatte shade is packaged in a sleek designed colored box that matches the lipstick shade that goes with it. The box also has a simple line drawing of a face on one side, the Sunnies Face logo on the other, a lipstick description, and the list of ingredients plus expiry date. The shade is written on top of the box. Fluffmatte is made in PRC (China).

lipstick boxes
143, baked, and girl crush
lipstick boxes
143, baked, and girl crush
lipstick boxes
baked, girl crush, and 143
The lipstick is cased in a cream-colored bullet housing which is same across all shades. It has a slight weight to it, which shows that this product isn’t cheaply made. At the bottom of the casing, you’ll find the lipstick shade and how many grams you’re getting per product (3.2 g).

three sunnies face lipsticks
three lipsticks with shades

There’s a slight crayon scent to the Fluffmattes, but it isn’t something you’ll notice even during application. The scent is so light, it’s not something you should be worried about. However, I prefer the sweet, cupcake-like scent from Vice Cosmetics’ lipsticks.

In my experience owning several brands of matte lipsticks over the years, this is the first time I had a lipstick with a unique product texture. Even matte lipsticks from MAC have a smooth surface, but this one from Sunnies Face sort of has a powdery surface that makes it more matte-looking. But don’t get fooled by its appearance – the application is quite smooth and creamy.

lipstick swatches
Sunnies Face Fluffmattes in 143, baked, and girl crush
As mentioned earlier, I picked three shades during my purchase at the Sunnies Face store. These are Baked (terracotta peach), Girl Crush (terracotta rose), and 143 (berry rose). I chose shades that I can use on a daily basis. I lightly applied each  at the back of my hand in two swipes and the color pay-off was just as expected. It was beautiful.

Fluffmate is described as “a weightless modern matte lipstick” and it has an absolute truth to it. It feels lightweight on the lips and glides on easily. However, I felt the shade 143 needed more than two swipes to produce an even color.

After putting on the shades (and accidentally wiping them off slightly), I went for a swim at the beach. After 30 minutes in salty water, I noticed the staining power of these Fluffmattes. I knew these would look pretty on the lips so I tried every shade in the first week that I got back to the office. 

lipstick swatches
Sunnies Face Fluffmattes in 143, baked, and girl crush - slightly wiped off, plus 30 minutes swimming at the beach
Here are my 8 thoughts so far on Sunnies Face fluffmattes:

  1. The Fluffmattes glide easily with no tugging (unless your lips are too dry that you need to apply lip balm first).
  2. With my dry lips (and in an air-conditioned office space), these babies don’t contribute further to my drying lips after hours of use. Trust me, I used lip products that are definitely worse.
  3. The color transfers on tumblers, glasses and cups when you drink.
  4. These fluffmattes last on my lips for 4-5 hours, with water drinks and tea sips throughout the time duration. The stain it leaves sits pretty on my lips.
  5. If you eat oily food, you need to reapply after because you will be only left with a line of color that traces the edges of your lips.
  6. If you’re applying lip balm underneath, you will still get a good color pay-off. The Fluffmatte will not crumble on top of the balm.
  7. Baked can be your perfect MLBB, which reminds me of MAC Taupe but Baked has more peach tones to it. 143 is very similar to Maybelline Touch of Spice. Girl Crush is a deep rose that’s so beautiful and can easily match whatever color of clothes you’re wearing. No wonder it gets sold out easily. This is my favorite out of the bunch, with Baked next in line. I use 143 the least, usually only when I wear neutral colored clothes or if there's a touch of berry shade on my top.
  8. Fluffmattes are sold at Php 345 each, which is a bit more than the price of popular drugstore lipsticks in the Philippines. If you already have these shades in your collection, there's no need to purchase the Fluffmatte (unless you're a lipstick addict!).
ray ban, lipstick, tanning oil spray
lipstick packaging

So are Sunnies Face Fluffmattes worth the hype? My answer is yes, but only if you are looking for easy, wearable lipstick colors. They're not my favorite brand and formula, but I like the shades enough to have these on rotation inside my cosmetic case for two weeks now. When I get the chance to be back in the store, I’d probably purchase Milkshake and Hot Sauce next.

What do you think about Sunnies Face? Let me know in the comments below!

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The contents of this entry are purely my opinion and 100% honest based on my buying experience.

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