My Singapore Haul: Nothing Over $49

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

As you may have known (or not), when I travel abroad it’s imminent that I shop. This time when I shopped in Singapore for the first time this year, I didn’t go crazy on buying stuff. Most of these are from IKEA and Mustafa, but I got some from other stores, too.

shopping haul singapore

My Singapore shopping haul isn’t exactly planned and I didn’t spend too much on these. I spent as little as $2.90 (about Php 116) for some, while the most expensive one is at $49 (Php 1,960). I mean if I were still that addicted to makeup, I’d probably be bringing home tons of new stuff from Sephora. But since these are random items on my shopping cart and each item is nothing over $49 each, might as well show them to you! Oh, and did I mention shopping is soooo much fun in Singapore?


1. Chopping Board

It’s not that we don’t have chopping boards being sold back home (lol), but for the same quality (or maybe even better), IKEA has this one at a cheap price than maybe SM or Landmark. I got this for my mother-in-law because I remembered she was looking for a replacement chopping board at home. Price: $2.90

2. Signature Kaffe Hela Bonor

My husband is a coffee lover. He prefers coffee beans any time of the day over 3-in-1 coffee mix. He likes trying out different brands and he makes time to grind coffee beans himself. He grabbed a bag of IKEA organic dark roast coffee beans and for its price and quantity, it’s not bad. He says it tastes great, too. Price: $6

bag of coffee beans

3. Swedish Meatballs Set

I promised my friend (Hi, Aliza!) that I’ll buy her IKEA’s famous Swedish meatballs when I go to Singapore. If you haven’t eaten these meatballs yet, you HAVE to. Ever since I tried them, their meatball dish has been a staple everytime we visit their Alexandra branch. I only promised to bring home the Swedish Meatballs (called Köttbullar), but of course the whole IKEA dining experience will only be complete with the extras such as the gravy (sauce) and the berry jam. I saved $3.60 by buying the complete set of frozen Swedish meatballs with 2 packets of savoury sauce and lingonberry jam combination. Price: $23.90 (bag not included)

bag, cream sauce, berry jam
frozen meatballs

4. Frakta Carrier with Zipper

Balenciaga may have put a price tag in their IKEA-inspired blue bag, but nothing can replace the original! For 30 years, this multi-purpose bag has been a workhorse for everyone’s needs. With its new design intended for a trolley, the new Frakta carrier comes with a zipper. What are we using these for? Laundry. We usually just walk from our place to the laundry shop using this lightweight, multi-purpose bag that keep our clothes dirt-free after washing and drying. It can also be used for grocery or to secure packed items during out-of-town trips. Price: Less than $5 each

blue shopping bag with zipper

5. Choklad

These are IKEA branded milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars which are souvenirs you can bring back home instead of the usual souvenir keychains, ref magnets, and even merlion chocolates. I don’t know how these taste like though. I gave away all three as pasalubong. Price: 3 for $4.50

chocolate bars

6. Istad Plastic Bag

If you do a lot of home organization or if you travel a lot, you know the importance of resealable and reusable plastic bags in your everyday life. I have tried several and popular brands, but I like IKEA’s the best because theirs is sturdy topped with a classy design. The Istad comes in a box with two different sizes and two different colors, too. Other than storing in food or nuts, I find these useful for storing items when I travel, especially containers with liquid content. The large bags I use to store my footwear. Price: $2.90 to $5.90

resealable bags
items in resealable bags

7. ÅBYÅN Body Puff

To be honest I got these ÅBYÅN body puffs for myself because I find the color selection cute (and not the usual bright and uber plastic-ky looking puffs), though I use body puffs on a daily basis. Using this one from IKEA is a great value for money because I’ve used one piece for a month and it never came undone. If you’ve been using body puffs for a long time, you’ll know that low quality ones just get disassembled while you bathe or they just feel harsh on your skin. Price: $2.90 for a pack of 3

body puffs for shower

8. Soft Pen Case

Roaming around the promo section of IKEA, we found these soft pen cases at an affordable price. My husband and I don’t use these for pens, but instead for toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. I like this because the inside lining is water-proof so if there’s any spilling, the liquid won’t seep through the case right away. I bring this everywhere with me and I usually store my dental hygiene items, plus a small bottle of mouthwash, feminine wash, and liquid hand soap. Price: $2.90

two soft pen cases


1. Organic Cotton Wood Printed T-Shirt

My husband seldom shops random stuff, but this one caught his attention. He’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, that’s why he knows he’ll get so much use out of these shirts. Hang Ten in City Link mall were having their closing out sale, so my husband got two shirts. The design is catered to the younger crowd (or maybe to those young at heart!). Price: $14 from $29 each


2. Navy Ribbon Short Sleeves and Salmon Lace Top

From the ultimate office Tita store IORA, I got myself these pretty tops for office and occasional casual, dress down look. I like them because I can wear them both in a more dressy way, or I can style them dress down with a pair of shorts or jeans. I like how they don’t repeat their styles and you won’t bump into anyone wearing the same top as yours. Price: $2 for $49

women's navy and salmon pink tops


1. OGX Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner

OGX is my favorite brand of organic shampoo and conditioner and this Awapuhi Ginger variant is what I love best for my color-treated hair. It smells so good and it prevents my hair from turning too light. Though Watsons in Manila carries this brand and variant, the price is just too steep for Php 550. I got each bottle for an equivalent of less than Php 400 each. Price: $9.90

shampoo and conditioner bottles

2. Elizabeth Arden Lavender Green Tea Eau de Toilette

Mustafa is popular for making branded perfumes available at a much cheaper price. From Burberry, to Gucci, to Calvin Klein - you name it, they have it. I wasn’t surprised to see Elizabeth Arden’s line of Green Tea Eau de Toilette but I feel excited to find out that they sell the small bottles here for a very cheap cost. The lavender scent is only 30ml which is perfect to keep inside the purse or to bring during flights. I bought these bottles for my mother and sister. Price: $10 each

eau de toilette travel size

3. Pressit Travel Perfume Atomiser

I have a lot of perfumes back home and I realized that even if I liked the smell, I just couldn’t feel the effort to bring a big bottle of perfume everywhere I go. I’m just so glad that this refillable travel atomiser is available at Mustafa at such an affordable price. I used these bottles for my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle eau de toilette and my Petit Monde pink fragrance. Price: $12.90 for a set of 2

refillable atomiser

4. Santa Premium Milk Chocolate and Octavia

What else can you find in Mustafa? Tons and tons of chocolates from all over the world! I got this bag of mini milk chocolates wrapped in gold foil and Octavia chocolate balls with rice crispy and hazelnut cream as pasalubong for my colleagues at work. Santa is made in Malaysia while Octavia is from Turkey. The price is super affordable considering the amount I get to share. Price: $6.50 and $5.80

mini chocolate bars
chocolate balls

5. Hershey’s Nuggets

Another bag of chocolates is my husband’s all-time favorite Hershey’s nuggets. I remembered buying this for the first time at Costco in LA and then at S&R in Alabang for Php 700 plus. For the same amount at Mustafa, the price is almost 50% off. Price: $11.00

mini chocolate bars

6. Teekanne Ginger-Lemon Tea

My mother-in-law loves tea of different sorts, especially when it’s ginger and lemon. Fused into one, this tea is the perfect giveaway for every tea lover. Price: $5.75 for 20 tea bags

ginger-lemon tea


1. Three-Fold Umbrella

So I didn’t heed my husband’s advice to bring my trusty Fibrella umbrella and had no choice but to buy one from Guardian. It’s got a UV protection inside so I hope this will last long! Price: $7.90

orange foldable umbrella

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo

My favorite brand of dry shampoo in its travel size is on sale at Guardian. Out of all the scents available, this one is a favorite because it smells fresh, clean, and not overpowering. It’s seldom that I find this brand in the Philippines, let alone a travel size to match. Price: $4

travel size dry shampoo spray

I hope you liked my mini Singapore haul! They’re not expensive, right? Let me know what you liked best out of all my purchases!

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