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Monday, March 26, 2018

I booked airport transfers with Klook for the first time during my recent visit to Japan. Because the two local travel companies that we know do not offer transfers if you don’t book at least one tour activity with them, I looked for reputable and legitimate online booking sites for this service. Luckily, I was able to find the service that I need with Klook.

klook booking tokyo airport transfers

What are the benefits of getting an airport transfer? First, it’s very convenient. We just need to ride the van and sit comfortably until we reach Narita Airport. Second, we had an early morning flight, thus local trains aren’t in operation yet by the time we leave the hotel. Third, having an airport transfer was actually more cost-efficient for us, since we’re traveling in a group of 6. And finally, it’s expected that we’ll be carrying HEAVY and additional luggage due to shopping. I can’t imagine dragging two pieces of luggage at a time as we catch the local train and N’EX bound for Narita.

So how was the booking process and the entire journey? Here’s how.

1. Booking

I looked for transfers under Japan and found Narita Airport Transfers (NRT) for Tokyo. The said service had two options: (1) Day transfer and (2) Night transfer. After picking the preferred date of service to check its availability, I chose the second option. Since our preferred pick-up time is at 5:30 AM, the said schedule falls under the Night transfer, which costs more than its day counterpart.

narita international airport transfers
Airport transfer booking page. See how many booked and reviewed this service.
Because I know my mother would bring a big luggage and I had a feeling my two aunts will bring back additional luggage from this trip, I booked a larger vehicle that can accommodate more people; hence, more luggage space. I selected the Transfer Direction as departure, indicated the flight number, and typed in the name and address of the hotel. I also specified how many and what sizes of luggage we’re bringing in.

What’s unique about Klook’s booking process is that they asked for an instant messaging app of choice where they can contact me. I indicated my Viber ID in the info box provided.

After inputting all necessary information, I proceeded with the payment using a credit card. Of course, before deciding to book this service, I paid attention to client reviews and felt that I was making the right choice.

2. Booking Confirmation

Order summary and booking confirmation were instant and these were sent to my email along with the voucher. All details indicated when booking were visible in the email. In a few minutes, I also received message in Viber from the tour operator about my booking.

klook email on order summary
Email no. 1 for Order Summary
klook voucher confirmation for booking
Email no. 2 for Booking Confirmation, link to voucher, and attached pdf file of the voucher.
viber conversation
Viber Confirmation for the booking. Some personal information were hidden due to security reasons.
I confirmed in Viber that all details are correct.

3. Service

Now the true test of this airport transfer booking with Klook lies with the actual service itself. Two days before our departure, the tour operator included the driver and me in a group chat, reminding of the schedule of our transfer from Hotel Grand Fresa Akasaka to Narita Airport Terminal 2. I find this advantageous because I already have a direct contact with the driver.

On the day of our departure, we were scheduled to be picked-up at 5:30 AM. By 3:30 AM, the driver sent a message in our Viber group chat. He sent a photo of the van that will pick us up. My companions and I were already at the hotel lobby a few minutes after 5:00, and by 5:15, the driver and his van were already in front of the hotel.

viber conversations on booking
Here's our group chat in Viber including the tour company and the driver. On the day of our departure, the driver sent us the photo of the vehicle that will pick us up at the hotel.
As soon as we stepped out of the hotel, the driver got all our luggage and put them one-by-one inside the van. After which, we went inside and picked our seats. To be honest, it wasn’t a regular van but a Toyota coaster which can fit more passengers and more suitcases. While the driver sped into early morning Tokyo, we took advantage of the long drive to the airport by catching some sleep.

Before 6:30 AM, we were already in Narita Airport Terminal 2. The driver brought our luggage out of the van and bid us goodbye.

It’s always a pleasure to leave Japan with excellent airport transfer service. Not only are the drivers punctual, they’re polite and respectful to their customers, too. I also like how Klook catered to offer an entire vehicle for airport transfer instead of a per head basis. I found the service favorable, especially for travelers like me who opt to plan my daily itinerary instead of getting an entire tour package.

Will I book with Klook again? Yes. I just did. I’ll test out their other tour offers this coming June!

Overall Rating: 5/5

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The contents of this entry are purely my opinion and 100% honest based on my booking and tour experience. This entry includes affiliate links to Klook to facilitate faster booking on this particular service and to help you find other tour activities for your next travel.

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