Is Fish Eye Marine Park Worth the Visit?

Friday, February 09, 2018

Fish Eye Marine Park is Guam’s underwater observatory intended for those who want to experience the beauty of Piti Bay’s marine life, without having to change into snorkeling or diving outfits. Experiencing first-hand the authentic underwater habitat without getting wet in the sea makes this attraction pleasant and educational altogether.

boardwalk to fish eye marine park tourist attraction
Fish Eye Marine Park's 1,000 ft boardwalk

The first time I went here was during sunset and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. Going back for the second time around, I was pleased to see that the 1,000 ft wooden boardwalk still stands. The long walk going to the underwater observatory is an attraction itself. You’ll get plenty of panoramic photos and Instagram-worthy shots from the boardwalk alone.

coconut tree, ocean, bridge
View of the boardwalk from the parking lot
You can see tiny fishes here from the boardwalk.
We came to Fish Eye Marine Park at about 2:00 PM, right after the rain stopped pouring. We went here by car and there was enough parking space at that time. After paying for our tickets, we strolled towards the boardwalk and enjoyed the beautiful blue hues that surrounded us.

kayaks on ocean
At the side of the boardwalk is a pontoon which is the meeting point for those who are doing the Seawalker Special. Kayaks are also available for rent.
man with sunglasses on bridge, looking at the ocean
Husband staring at the blue ocean of Piti Bay
I could see a school of fish swimming in the crystal clear ocean and how I wish I could jump right into the water at that time! My first experience with Fish Eye Marine Park was tied in with a Polynesian dinner show, so we only had a brief moment to embrace the view that surrounded us. Today, visitors of the observatory have the option to kayak, snorkel and do the Seawalker Special, which is similar to what we call helmet diving in the Philippines.

upper deck observatory, bridge, ocean
Finally reached the observatory!
We entered the upper deck of the observatory and mused that it was still the same. There were cushioned seats attached to the walls, as well as various souvenirs being sold. We descended towards the spiral staircase down to the underwater observatory to see the different kinds of fish and other marine life in their natural habitat. It’s only a small space at 30 feet deep, but it doesn’t lack interesting views. The experience was similar to being inside a submarine but without feeling claustrophobic.

viewing window, corals, fishes
One of the 24 viewing windows from the underwater observatory
fishes, corals, ocean
Can you see the yellow longnose butterflyfish?
fish, corals, underwater creatures
They're about to hide!
soft corals, fish
Shy type.
fishes, ocean
Fishes well-fed
As we ascended towards the upper deck, I noticed that Fish Eye Marine Park added some artworks on the wall, which I think the kids would love. Not only will the live fish excite them, but the beautiful art will make the kids appreciate and learn more about our sea creatures.

man and woman on spiral staircase, fish artwork on walls

While my mother buys souvenir shirts (the GU print one which I recommend), I took my husband outside the upper deck and showed him the unrestricted view of Piti Bay. This is the spot where you can get the best view of Guam’s warm sunset.

man with a camera, terrace, ocean view
Go out the back door of the upper deck. This is where you can get the best sunset view. 
Bluer than blue!
Is Fish Eye Marine Park still worth the visit? Absolutely. Others may find the price a bit steep, but once you get there, you’ll find the beauty of the bay enthralling and relaxing – and that is worth every penny. There’s no time limit if you’d like to witness the sunset or if you want to maximize your time teaching your kids as they learn about the underwater world. In addition, I appreciate how the marine park maintained its simple observatory structure, so as not to disturb the sea creatures’ natural home.

ocean, blue water, islands
Take me back here!
woman with sunglasses on bridge looking at the ocean, people with yellow umbrellas
One final check before we leave Fish Eye Marine Park
Will I be here again the third time? I believe so. But I’ll probably bring my snorkeling gear next time.

Observatory Ticket Price: $14
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The contents of this entry are purely my opinion and 100% honest based on my travel experience.

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