His Last Journey on Earth

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Today in the Philippines, we celebrate All Saints’ Day or what we call Undas. It’s the day when we give extra thought to our departed loved ones and continue to remember them by visiting their graveyards and lighting up a candle for them. If you read my older posts, you know that my father already passed away.

Masada, Israel

It has been two and a half years but whenever I see his photos, I feel like he’s still here. My father was a great provider and he worked day and night to give us a convenient life. When my sister and I were still kids, I remember we couldn’t afford branded clothes, shoes, and school items because my parents’ company was just starting. But before my father passed away, he and my mother let us experience a life of travel.

The engineer and the businessman he is, my father was a workaholic and he certainly abused his health to be able to achieve his goals. Most of the time, I caught him sleeping in front of the TV “watching” news or falling asleep at airport boarding gates because he was tired and stressed out from working all the time. He said his dream destination was the Holy Land and he accomplished that dream on December 2014.

On his last journey on earth, my father visited Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee, Masada, and Dead Sea in Israel. And before flying home, we took a trip to Istanbul for the New Year.


Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem
zion gate
women praying at the wailing wall


where Jesus was believed to be born


church in Nazareth
statue of Mother Mary in Nazareth
church facade in Nazareth

Tiberias and Sea of Galilee

sea of galilee, tiberias
jordan river
jordan river


masada on the judean desert

Dead Sea

camel, sea level, dead sea, israel
sunset at dead sea
sea salt, dead sea
family photo at Dead Sea, Israel


blue mosque, istanbul
couple in Istanbul
dolmabahce palace
couple outside dolmabahce palace
Turkish architecture
muslim and catholic images at Hagia Sophia
first lunch in Istanbul
bosphorus cruise
palace along bosphorus strait
rooftops and sea of marmara
rooftops and sea of marmara
clock tower, mosque, hand-painted tiled ceiling
entrance to Topkapi Palace

This is how I remember him and his last days – smiling, traveling, falling asleep on airport chairs. I wish he had more time. I wish we had another country to go to. But I guess he already lived a fulfilled life.

Wherever I’m off too, I’ll always look for your face in every airport in the world. I miss you, Papa. See you in the afterlife.

If you lost a precious loved one, I pray that the pain and longing will lessen and that the hurt will be replaced with happy thoughts.. always.

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