Louis Vuitton 2018 Agenda PM Refill Review

Monday, November 13, 2017

About 3 weeks ago, I got my Louis Vuitton 2018 Agenda PM Refill which is an early holiday gift from my husband. This is the complete week on two pages version and we bought this one at the Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt 4. This is the first time I’ll be using a PM Agenda / Small Ring Agenda cover together with its corresponding refill.

Louis Vuitton diary, maps of the world, directory
2018 Small Fonctionnal Weekly Agenda Refill - Complete
If you’re thinking about getting these inserts yourself, read my detailed review, pros and cons, and close-up photos before you spend on Louis Vuitton’s Luxury Agenda Refills.

The 2018 Agenda Refill came in a box which features a hand-painted, watercolor fashion and travel theme. In the complete weekly version, you get the diary (the actual weekly refills and additional pages), Cartes du Monde (maps of the world), and Repertoire (directory or phonebook). For the weekly diary version, only the diary is included in the box.

2018 agenda refills
The agenda refill for 2018 has silver page edges or page gliders. The refills come with the standard Louis Vuitton box drawer.
After the cover, a page dedicated for the owner’s personal information follows. If you notice, the cream colored leaves are thin and the print on the other side peeks through the page. Though they are thin, the leaves aren’t flimsy and they’re made with high quality paper. The agenda refill also includes texts in different languages about this year’s theme (French, Japanese, English, and Chinese).

agenda cover with personal info page
written text in English and Chinese
2018 calendar list

There are pages which list down the months, dates, days, and saints for 2018. Now the parts which I appreciate in the complete weekly version are dedicated pages for the monthly calendar view. This is a deal breaker for me, because the weekly diary only version doesn’t have these pages. I like that the monthly calendar pages are arranged together in one section.

january 2018 calendar agenda

The Destination Mode comes in after the monthly section. These are the diary pages itself. Each month has a sketch of a particular travel destination together with popular fashion pieces from Louis Vuitton. The places are Moscow (January), Bombay (February), Beijing (March), Tokyo (April), Bali (May), Sydney (June), Rio (July), Mexico (August), New York (September), Capetown (October), Rome (November), and Paris (December).

lv agenda page: moscou (moscow)
lv agenda page: bombay
lv agenda page: pekin (beijing)>
lv agenda page: tokyo
lv agenda page: bali
lv agenda page: sydney
lv agenda page: rio
lv agenda page: mexico
lv agenda page: new york
lv agenda page: cap (cape town)
lv agenda page: rome
lv agenda page: paris
June 2018 agenda page
Here's an example of the week on two pages refill. The schedule starts at 8:00AM and ends at 7:00PM on each day (except Saturdays and Sundays), written in military time. The writing space is only 0.125 inches or 3 mm.
After the Destination Mode, the refill comes with Guide Du Voyageur (Traveler’s Guide) that includes pages showing time zones, conversion tables for temperature, speed, volume, length, weight, surface area, useful emergency numbers on 11 countries, and corresponding clothing and shoe sizes for men and women in different countries. There are also several pages intended for national and religious holidays celebrated in a limited number of countries.

guide du voyageur agenda refill page
world map with time zones
conversion table for temperature, speed, volume, length, weight
conversion table weights and surface areas
religious holidays pagees
religious holidays page close up

A folded page towards the end of the diary shows a summary of 2018 Planning where you can write very important occasions or schedule for a specific day. The writing space is very limited though so on this part, only the most important item should be listed. Two pages are dedicated to the 2019 calendar, however the monthly calendar is arranged every 11 days and not by the days of the week. The last 10 pages of the diary are dedicated to notes and personal thoughts.

2018 page list of dates
2018 page list of dates close-up
2018 page list of dates close-up bottom page
Temps Pour Soi page (time for yourself)
notes page instant partage (shared moment)

At the last part of the diary refill is a set of sticky notes attached to a cardboard. Each design has 20 sticky pages.

sticky notes angeda refill


1.    The complete set of agenda weekly refill fits in the LV small ring agenda / PM agenda cover, including world maps, phonebook inserts, plus a small pen. In the daily diary version, the small ring agenda can only fit 3 to 4 months worth of inserts, then you have to switch the months again.

2.    The pages are cream colored and not stark white.

3.    The complete refill set has pages for individual monthly views tabled by week which are useful for monthly overview scheduling and planning (way better than the folded 2018 planning that only has limited writing space).

4.    The travel and fashion illustrations are coordinated, well thought-of, and creative. I actually enjoyed looking at each object drawn for every month.

5.    There's a page for notes in each month, perfect for making lists.

6.    The notes page in every monthly section has ample writing space of about 5 mm per line.

7.    Every page is perforated at the bottom corner to allow folding or tearing on the dotted line for the purpose of marking important details or schedule on the agenda.

8.    A dedicated section for notes can be found at the end of the week on two pages diary.

9.    The phonebook directory is unnecessary, but I find this helpful in the event I accidentally lost all my phone contacts and I don't have any back-up.

10.    The 2018 agenda refill has a set of sticky notes.

world map in agenda refill
Cartes du Monde: World Map, Asia Map, Europe Map, and other maps of the World.
phone book in agenda refill complete
Repertoire: Phone Book


1.    Pages are thin: ink-type pens will peek through the pages.

2.    The 2018 list of dates can be quite confusing.

3.    The line spacing for daily agenda (week on two pages) are quite small, about 0.125 inches or 3 mm writing space only. If you're accustomed to big hand-writing, you might have a difficult time adjusting to the small writing space.

4.    There are a number of unnecessary pages such as time zones, conversion tables, emergency numbers, as well as national and religious holidays which are only applicable to certain countries and religious beliefs. You can easily do conversions or find holidays using your mobile phone and the internet.

5.    The arrangement of 2019 calendar can be confusing, as the dates are listed instead of grouped according to the days of the week.

6.    The notes section at the end of the diary only has 10 pages.

7.    Though the complete set fits in the LV PM agenda cover, the first few pages are difficult to turn when the agenda is packed. The pen hole hits the edge of the refills and creates dents on the side of the paper when the pages are packed and bulky.

8.    No sticker or ruler for this year.

9.    The refills are smaller than I expected (a bit smaller than a passport).

It’s too early to tell whether I’d repurchase the complete set for 2019 or if I will buy a much cheaper refill other than Louis Vuitton. I’ll have to wait and use this first for the entire year before I can tell if the PM size fits my lifestyle and needs. For a first time user of this week on two pages agenda refill, in my opinion it’s still worth purchasing the complete version. We’ll see how it goes as I set-up my small ring agenda for the entire year and find other cheaper alternatives, too.

agenda refill pages 2018
agenda pm complete, 1 week/2 pages, 2018 diary refill, printed in france

Comment down below if you have questions about this Louis Vuitton 2018 Weekly PM Agenda Refill.

Click here to check out the 2019 LV refills (diary only version).

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