Genroku Sushi Sennichimae: Our First Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The first time I went to Genroku Sushi was with my husband during our trip to Osaka last April. Also known as Genrokuzushi, this is the first ever kaitenzushi in the world – which means conveyor belt sushi restaurant. We already have several of these sushi train restaurants back home, but I waited to try the first and genuine kaitenzushi in Japan.

Genroku Sushi Sennichimae branch

We stepped into Genroku Sushi Sennichimae branch at 2:45 PM for our (very) late lunch. At that time, we had no idea whatsoever that this was Osaka’s most popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Thankfully, the Sennichimae branch had available seats for us, although I wished we were seated in front of the itamae (sushi chefs) so we can see how they skillfully make sushi.

I couldn’t remember if the staff spoke to us in English, but one of them guided us to two empty seats and handed us the menu cards. Compared to other Genrokuzushi branches, this one in Sennichimae had more of a fast food chain set-up. Once we were seated, the staff signaled that we can start taking sushis from the conveyor belt.

Genrokuzushi Osaka conveyor belt sushi restaurant
Different types of sushi rotate in front of you at Genroku Sushi - Sennichimae
Genrokuzushi Sennichimae sushi menu page 1 with 34 sushi types
Genrokuzushi Sennichimae sushi menu page 2 with 34 sushi types

Although we were tremendously hungry and tired from walking around Osaka, we found ourselves fascinated for three minutes by the rotating plates of sushi passing in front of us. Furthermore, picking the first plate was a bit complex, as I want my first try to be tasty and pleasant. In the menu card alone, there were 68 sushi types to choose from.

My first plate consisted of the red shrimp sushi and it tasted really good. The shrimp was fresh and the serving size was bigger than what I expected. The second one I chose was Nishi-shellfish and I didn’t like it at all. Eating it was like chewing cartilage – plus there’s a generous amount of wasabi in between the rice and the shellfish. The third plate I had was broiled salmon with mayonnaise, which became my instant favorite (I had two plates of this sushi). My next favorite was grilled mackerel sushi. The mackerel was perfectly grilled and still has a bit of moisture. I took the plate of sardine sushi but I wish I didn't, for the sardine was too salty, had tons of bones, and there was wasabi paste underneath it, too.

Red Shrimp sushi - Genrokuzushi

Nishi-shellfish sushi - Genrokuzushi

Broiled Salmon with Mayonnaise - Genrokuzushi

Grilled Mackerel sushi - Genrokuzushi

Sardines sushi - Genrokuzushi

Genroku Sushi offers free matcha green tea. I like how they prepared the instructions clearly with English translation as well as photos. Each seat was assigned with a set of two matcha powder containers and a hot water dispenser. I didn’t find the hot tea suitable to drink while eating sushi, so we ordered cold drinks – Asahi beer for my husband and Coke for me. The drinks menu was with the servers (we called their attention by pressing a numbered button assigned per seat). I prepared and sipped my matcha green tea after my last plate of sushi.

How to make matcha green tea at Genroku Sushi - Sennichimae
Instructions on how to prepare matcha green tea are written on the chopsticks holder. Sushi plates rotate on the lower conveyor belt, while cups and saucers rotate on the upper conveyor belt.
Matcha green tea powder, hot tea, and water dispenser at Genroku Sushi
Powdered matcha green tea containers, hot matcha in a cup, and hot water dispenser
Tuna sushi and Asahi beer at Genroku Sushi
The hubby, his tuna sushi, and Asahi beer
Pile of sushi plates - Genroku Sushi Sennichimae
His and hers sushi plates. Man vs. Sushi. Man down!
I thought I could eat 10 plates of sushi, but each plate was filling enough. As I mentioned, the serving was quite bigger than I thought. Also, some plates had two sushis so I felt full quickly. For ¥ 135 (about Php 60 or US$ 1.20) per plate, Genrokuzushi is a good value for money. I can’t say it’s the best kaitenzushi in Osaka because I haven’t tried other conveyor belt sushi restaurants yet, but it's worth the try.

When I go back to Osaka, I’ll definitely eat my favorite sushi again and I'll have a taste of the other 63 variants from Genroku Sushi.

Yoshiaki Shiraishi
Yoshiaki Shiraishi: founder and inventor of conveyor belt sushi.
Genroku Sushi take-away counter
Genroku Sushi take-away counter. So many to choose from!
Genroku Sushi - Sennichimae
Genroku Sushi - Sennichimae branch Osaka
I recommend visiting Genrokuzushi, especially if it's your first time to dine in a kaitenzushi. Its most popular branch can be found along Dotonbori (you'll see a giant hand holding a sushi). If it's too crowded there, you can try 8 other branches in Osaka, including this one in Sennichimae.

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Overall Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The contents of this entry are purely my opinion and 100% honest based on my dining experience.

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