Pallete Cafe Review: A New Chill Spot in the South

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I’m currently at Pallete Cafe, typing away my thoughts as I wait for my order of Pesto Pasta and Iced Tea. I’m having my super late lunch at 4:00 PM and I thought this would be the perfect place to dine and relax while the bulk of customers hasn’t arrived yet.

cafe restaurant review

Pallete Cafe is a relatively new restaurant in Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque. If you’re coming from Moonwalk and Multinational Village going to Bicutan, you’ve probably seen this several times as it’s just beside Chateau Elysee Condominium. If you like a little change of scenery from your usual coffee shop, this place is an alternative.

In the afternoon, customers come here to have coffee, tea, and the cafe’s popular blend of juices while they work, study, or read a book. Aside from non-alcoholic beverages, Pallete Cafe also serves branded and crafted beers.

Not sure what to order the first time I went here, I just looked at other customers and noticed on their table the huge mason jars filled with different juice concoctions. I chose their Triple Citrus juice made with orange, calamansi, and grapefruit, which was perfect for my Vitamin C fix. My husband, on the other hand, ordered a bottle of Hoegaarden.

Pallete Cafe drinks counter
Red coffee mugs and teapigs
Beer selection at Pallete Cafe

Of course we’re not only having drinks so we got ourselves a plate of their bruschetta. The vinaigrette dressing was sooo good that it had a hint of sweetness to it (honey, maybe?). Too bad, they only get food orders until 10:00 PM (drinks can still be ordered after 10), so we thought we’ll come back next time and taste more of their food.

Just last Saturday evening, my husband and I had dinner at Pallete Cafe and the place was almost packed. Families come here for a weekend dinner and enjoy a hearty meal. The place is also kid-friendly as there’s a small area with bean bags and a hanging bookshelf with novels and children’s books. We took our seats near the pastry counter which was easily visible from the main entrance.

Pallete Cafe interior
Books and bean bags
Pastry and dessert counter

That time, I ordered Shrimp Pasta and Pink Flush, which is a cranberry and cucumber juice drink. My husband got himself Grilled Pork with rice. The serving time was about 5 minutes for the drinks and 10 minutes for my pasta. The grilled pork took 15 minutes before it was served on our table.

Man, that Grilled Pork was GOOD. I’m not a fan of thick chops, but this one is an exception. I despise my husband for always picking the right food to eat even when he knows I’m cutting on pork, beef, and white rice! Of course I can’t resist to taste his food first before divulging into mine. The pork was perfectly grilled on the outside and soft on the inside. The dressing was also delectable and I couldn’t pinpoint what ingredients they mixed in there. The server said it’s vinaigrette with orange and lemon juice, but I could also taste those divine pork juices combined with pepper.
Pallete Cafe Grilled Pork and Shrimp Pasta
Left: Grilled Pork with Rice (Php 200); Right: Shrimp Pasta (Php 180)
Pallete Cafe Grilled Pork
That juicy pork tenderloin.
For my own plate, I wasn’t expecting too much of my Shrimp Pasta thinking it’s going to be sour. But the red-based pasta sauce didn’t taste anything like tomato sauce or tomato paste and I was happy about it. The shrimps were peeled, deveined and cooked just right as they were still soft to the bite. I find that they also put an effort in their plating through the cheese shavings.

Pallete Cafe Pink Flush and Brownie
Left: Pink Flush (Php 125); Brownie (Php 50)
The Pink Flush was refreshing and luscious, too, athough I feel like I favor the Triple Citrus concoction better if sipped on its own. However, this pink juice can be perfectly paired with a serving of brownie. I like how they pre-heat the brownie before serving it to us. The outer layer was thin and flaky, and the inside was soft and oozing with bittersweet chocolate. Seriously I can’t stand any food that’s too sweet so I love how their brownie turned out. Pairing this dessert with Pink Flush literally flushes the bittersweet blend of the brownie after several bites.

Coffee beans and oranges
Pallete Cafe Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Iced Tea
Left: Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken (Php 200); Iced Tea (Php 80)
Today, my lunch plate of Pesto Pasta was sumptuous as well. I like this better than the Shrimp Pasta, maybe because the grilled chicken breast is just too delicious. Similar to the Grilled Pork my husband got the other day, the chicken breast was also grilled to perfection and the inside was kept soft and moist. It also seems like the sauce was made from fresh basil leaves because the pesto still looks bright green. The iced tea tasted different, fresh and unsweetened, which I think is one of their secret concoctions, too. I feel like it was made from an herbal infusion than the usual powdered mix, but I have to check the next time I visit.

In my opinion, this cafe restaurant can still improve their interior decor and how they present their menu, but I can’t nitpick about their food (so far). For the serving size and the quality of their food and drinks, there’s nothing to complain about. For me, the prices are reasonable.

Pallete Cafe exterior and wall decors
Halloween decors
Pallete Cafe

With a pleasant ambiance and soft acoustic music in the background, there’s no wonder the chill people of Southern Manila will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that Pallete Cafe offers. Pallete Cafe located at Doña Soledad Ext. Better Living Parañaque is open from 11:00 AM to 12:00 MN, Tuesday thru Sunday (closed on Mondays).

Pallete Cafe wall art
Pallete Cafe Menu 1
Pallete Cafe Menu 2

Overall Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The contents of this entry are purely my opinion and 100% honest based on my dining experience.

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