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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

If you're a K-drama addict, you've probably watched the ever so kilig Korean drama series Fight for My Way (also known as Third-Rate My Way or Ssam My Way). The story revolves around four friends who struggle with life, love, and adulthood.

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Fight for My Way's main characters are Ko Dong-man (Park Seo-joon), a former famous Taekwondo athlete who now does manual labor for a pest control service, and his best friend Choi Ae-ra, who dreams of becoming a TV announcer, but finds herself working at the information desk of a department store.

Fight for My Way_Third-Rate My Way
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Dong-man and Ae-ra's two other best friends (supporting characters) are Kim Joo-man (Ahn Jae-hong), the group's most successful individual for having a permanent and reputable position at a home shopping network, and his 6-year long girlfriend Baek Sol-hee (Song Ha-yoon), the group's kind and innocent, "mother" of the gang who works as a customer service representative in the same shopping network.

Hansung Apartment Buildings (Namil Villa), Busan_Fight for My Way
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The most popular filming location in Fight for My Way would have to be the apartment complex where Dong-man, Ae-ra, Joo-man and Sol-hee live. In particular, the narrow flight of stairs of Namil Villa is the most striking location. In reality, the apartment complex is called Hansung Apartment Buildings, located at Beomcheong-dong, Busan.

Hansung Apartment Buildings, Busan (Namil Villa)
Hansung Apartment Buildings, Busan

Choi Ae-ra and Ko Dong-man_Fight for My Way
Choi Ae-ra and Ko Dong-man becoming more than just bestfriends. Image from

Choi Ae-ra and Ko Dong-man_Fight for My Way_Namil Villa
Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra outside their apartment units. Image from

Choi Ae-ra's apartment_Namil Villa_Hansung Apartment Buildings
Choi Ae-ra's apartment unit shared with Baek Sol-hee. The door above their unit on the next floor is Kim Joo-man's.

Ko Dong-man's apartment_Namil Villa_Hansung Apartment Buildings
Ko Dong-man's apartment unit.

How to Get to Namil Villa / Hansung Apartment (in detail)

If you're a tourist, the easiest way to get to Namil Villa or Hansung Apartment Buildings is by subway. It's not too far from the city center so you can squeeze a trip here when you're visiting BIFF Square or Seomyeon area.

1. Take the subway that will lead you to Busan Metro Line 2.

2. Alight at Jigegol Station, Exit 2 (I took the stairs on Exit 2).

3. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, walk towards the opposite direction (make a U-turn).

4. After a minute or two, you will see an inclined road on your right. If you already reached Exit 4 of Jigegol station, you already missed the inclined road. Remember, you will not see the apartment complex from the exits yet.

5. Once you found the inclined road, walk towards that path for 5 to 10 minutes (depending on your endurance). Again, it's an inclined road and Namil Villa/Hansung Apartment lies on top of a hill so don't be discouraged to walk UP.

6. Continue to follow the path until you see the apartment complex on your left side. You'll recognize it right away. I also found a small pathway of stairs leading to the apartment's street.

Fight for My Way_View from Namil Villa_Hansung Apartment Buildings
View outside of Namil Villa/Hansung Apartment. On this side, there's a small pathway going to the main road.

Important Details When You're Visiting Namil Villa / Hansung Apartment Buildings

1. Wear comfortable shoes. Going here from Jigegol station Exit 2 is like trekking up a mountain.
2. Bring a water bottle. Trust me, you'll need it.
3. Be discreet and keep your voice down because the place is a residential area.

Fight for My Way staircase_Namil Villa
Fight for My Way staircase

Have you been here? Let me know your experience! Read my next post on a 4-Day Busan itinerary.

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