The Planner that Will Change my Life this 2017

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I know. I’m two months behind this post. While everyone else excitedly planned their lives ahead last January, I was savouring the last bit of the holiday season for as long as I can. Truth be told, towards the end of 2016 life was so good to me that I didn’t want it to end. However, we must all move on from all the good and the bad, and face another year with high hopes that it will be better than ever.


On the last week of January, I (re)purchased another planner because my mother accidentally used the generic one that I bought. I’ve gone through several planners throughout the years. Many were used and abused, while others just got lost somewhere in my pad and never saw the light of day. With mobile phones taking over our daily lives, my phone has become my go-to source of daily jotting and scheduling.

Despite my mobile being a handy (and lightweight) companion, I feel like I can get more things done with the help of a planner. Nothing compares to the feeling of manually ticking off a task with a pen and seeing your handwriting on paper. So the two-hour hunt in finding my 2017 planner began. I don’t have any specific design or theme in mind – I just want something new. Something I’ve never had before.

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner
Information Page
I went to 5 different stores and ended up picking THIS JOURNAL WILL ACTUALLY CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE 2017. That’s a mouthful! It’s the first time I’ve seen this journal, to be honest. For the past five years, my then boyfriend (now my husband) had been purchasing yearly journals for me, mostly Belle de Jour ones (gotta love those coupons) because, you know, women empowerment. I also had one Starbucks planner which I got by spending money and taking in tons of calories, but never got to use.

So what got attracted me to this planner anyway?

1. It’s simple and clean. By simple and clean, I don’t mean it’s ordinary and boring. I just like fewer, distracting colors on every page; fewer, unnecessary sections, too. The paper has a substantial weight to it so I feel like it’s good quality. I also find there’s enough writing space for daily entries.

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner
Crisp and clean. A gentle reminder that there's something to look forward to everyday.
2. It has simple life reminders. Sometimes school or work (or just the daily grind) burns you out. You need to take a breather; and that little note, fact, or reminder sends a spark of inspiration in your life.

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner
Throw your worries out of the window and go on an adventure!
3. It has tiny trivia and health monitoring. In this fast-paced world, sometimes we forget about the status of our health and our emotional well-being. Personally, I find it hard to take eight glasses of water a day, so those little glass drawings make it easy for me to monitor my water intake. Planning to eat healthier? You can jot down your meal intake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And that mood chart is a bonus! Keeps your sanity checked, don’t you think?

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner
Day of Acceptance. Ditch exclusivity. Bawal ang "You can't sit with us.".
4. It keeps track of your finances. Let’s be honest. If you’re not into keeping a strict budget, you might want to start writing down your expenses before you end up in debt or get old(er) without savings. You have to know where your hard-earned money is going and how much money you will be left with by the end of the week or month.

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner
Where did your money go? It's not how much you earn, but how much you save.
5. It keeps track of your HIGHs and LOWs. (Thank goodness for not having apostrophes in HIGHs and LOWs! Sorry, just being OC.) As you know by now, life isn’t always a smooth-sailing journey. Trials add spice to your life, but that shouldn’t keep you from remembering what’s good. The secret to a happy life comes when you highlight the positive things (whether small or big feats) and let go of the negative experiences. I’m not 100% optimistic all the time, but I like looking back at the good stuff when I need a boost of hope, and reading the bad stuff, too because someday I know I’ll look back and wonder how did I ever get past that. And for sure, that help will come from Above.

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner
Always be grateful.
6. It “changes other people’s lives”, too. I only found out about this while I was photographing the planner. THIS JOURNAL WILL ACTUALLY CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE 2017 isn’t just about changing mine (and yours), but also changing other people’s lives tremendously through education and medical missions.

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner
This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner
This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life 2017 Planner, FreeSpeech Publications, Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.
This journal is published by FreeSpeech Publications which provides assistance to Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.
If there’s anything I’d like to improve on this journal, it would be to have a dedicated page for a bucket list and a few pages (5 maybe?) where I can freely write anything. I just find it easier to go back to my ultimate 2017 list if there's a section of few blank pages where I can organize my thoughts in general. Other than that, I’m so glad I found this planner before 2017 ends ;)

FreeSpeech Publications:
Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc.:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought THIS JOURNAL WILL ACTUALLY CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE 2017 at Fully Booked with my own money and this is my 100% honest review. I am not affiliated with FreeSpeech Publications as of writing.

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