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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Today marks our first month as husband and wife. We're pseudo-honeymooning in Seoul at the moment, which is a perfect break from the humid Manila weather (and all the crazy "news" on the upcoming elections).

flower crown

On our first month, I'm uploading my vow to Quick, hoping that when I look back at these words, I will remember my promise and how happy we are as we become one.



Sabi ni Popoy, “baka kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga taong mahal natin kasi baka mayroong bagong darating na mas okay, na mas mamahalin tayo, ‘yung taong hindi tayo sasaktan at paaasahin..”

The night my heart got broken, isinumpa ko sa harap nina Popoy at Basha at ng lumang TV namin na balang araw.. balang araw someone will be man enough to deal with a strong-willed woman like me. I was determined to live my single life for at least 3 years. But then you came along disguised as a friend. Mukhang totoo nga ang sumpa.

The Lord knows we didn’t need a new lover 5 years ago. Instead, we needed a friend who will stand by us during the lowest points in our lives. I prayed to God that He would send me someone who fears Him, and I asked for a man who loves his family.. especially his mother. I asked for someone who would challenge me when I’m wrong but will never raise his voice, and who will dream big with me, no matter how impossible it may seem at present. I didn’t know that while I was asking God for those things, He was already preparing you for me.. and me for you. Because of you, I found myself no longer wondering “what if”.

I can’t promise you I’ll be good at cleaning the house, but you know I’ll be good at satisfying your cravings. I will be your own personal chef. I will accept that we are two different people and that sometimes, we will disagree.. and that’s ok. I will not start a fight with you in front of our future children. I will tell you the truth most of the time, if not always. I will muster up the courage to do your laundry. I will bite my tongue when I have nothing good to say. I will be a stage wife to all your challenges and victories. I will keep you amused during long commutes and traffic jams. For richer or for poorer, I will keep our investments growing and not withdraw from them without your permission. I promise to keep my patience 70 x 7 times when you forget. I will hold your hand when the harshest days come by, and I will not embarrass you in public. I will listen with my heart in silence when there aren’t any words to ease your pain. And I will still stand by you, even when the time comes you’ll become too much to bear. That’s a promise I made today and everyday -- to you and to God.

Thank you, for the non-stop attention you’re giving me, as if we were still dating.. for letting me cry when you drive pag naaalala ko si papa, and for staying calm and patient when I become hormonal and irrational. Dahil sa’yo, naniniwala na’ko sa kasabihang “Love is patient, love is kind.”

Wala man tayong sariling bahay ngayon, I’m still very thankful na ikaw ang kasama ko na magpapagawa nito.  We will start with nothing and then gradually, we will have everything. Sa pagputi at pagkawala ng buhok mo, asahan mong aalagaan pa rin kita at kakamutin ko ang likod mo - ‘wag ka lang sasakabilang bahay.

You’re my travel buddy for life, my local and international GPS, my very own Chandler Bing. I’ll always be your loyal friend, your OC and competitive Monica Geller, and today, your amazing wife. I love you so much, Bondat.

Photo by Paopao Sanchez

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