Quick + Jena Engagement Shoot

Thursday, March 03, 2016

I've been on hiatus for a loooong time so I'm beginning 2016 with our engagement photos! Last January, Quick and I went for a two-day prenup shoot in Nueva Ecija with our glam squad: Team Fine and Dainty and Team Rose Abastillas.

man and woman engaged

Despite us being together for four years, Quick and I never had our photos taken by a professional. We were a bit worried about how our photos would turn out, especially when we decided to have a "no props" shoot (well, except for a blanket). In addition, we're not exactly the sweet and mushy type of couple because we started out as plain buddies who are keen on irritating each other every single day. Thanks to our talented and patient photographer and friend JB Delgado, Quick and I looked couple-y in these photos :D

Brace yourselves people, because this will be a long one!



Photographer: JB Delgado of Fine And Dainty
HMUA: Rose Abastillas
Location: Central Luzon State University (CLSU) and Minalungao National Park

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