Honeymoon in Paris Day 4 (Part 1): Notre-Dame Cathedral and Shakespeare and Company

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It was a jam-packed day for me and my husband on our fourth day in Paris. The weather was favorable and a bit sunny, so it was a great day to go out and enjoy the city. After grabbing our usual breakfast of viennoiseries, coffee, and hot chocolate at Rivoli Cafe in Rue de Rivoli, we walked towards Pont des Arts and sat on one of the benches to enjoy our scenic breakfast view. We loved our simple yet charming breakfast as the sun was gleaming over the Seine and as we watched people cross the bridge, debating whether they’re locals or tourists like us.

chimera above paris skyline

After finishing my last bite of croissant, my husband and I rode the Big Bus hop-on, hop-off bus to Notre-Dame Cathedral. I’ve been here before so I became my husband’s personal tour guide. I only went inside the cathedral (free entrance) during my first visit, but I wanted to climb the towers this time. Since the weather was good, I believed getting on the rooftop of Notre-Dame was the perfect opportunity to witness a spectacular view of Paris from one point in the city.

big bus paris

Honeymoon in Paris Day 3: Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour and Lunch at Ladurée

Friday, December 15, 2017

The rain continued on our third day in Paris and I couldn’t be more grateful about hopping on a city tour bus. We pre-booked a two-day hop-on, hop-off bus tour on the classic route (red line) before flying to France and on the day of our tour, we went to Big Bus Paris’ Information Centre at Avenue de L'Opéra to have our booking validated. My husband and I planned to finish the entire loop in one go before deciding when and where to hop-off.

arc de triomph

We climbed the steps going to the second floor of the bus and sat at the very front so we can get the best views of Paris (and so that we don’t get wet!). The bus left the office past 9:00 AM and the first stop from the information center was the Louvre Pyramid. The bus also stopped at Pont des Arts, though we didn’t stay that long as there weren’t any tourists waiting at the bus stop.


Honeymoon in Paris Day 2: The Louvre Museum

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wide awake at 2:00 AM on our second day in Paris, my husband and I were ready to head out the hotel by 7:00 AM. We planned absolutely nothing for the entire day, but the weather forecast made it easy for us to decide what to do. Since the app said it’s going to be cold and rainy from noon onwards, we decided to spend half our day at the Louvre Museum.

the louvre museum

We still have plenty of time before Musée du Louvre opens its doors at 9:00 AM. And so to fulfill one item in my bucket list, my husband and I walked around 1st Arrondissement to find the nearest boulangerie (bakery) for our breakfast and do what the locals do. One of the best things about Paris is that though it’s an expensive city, you can always have freshly-baked breads in the morning for at least €1. I can’t stop eating croissants on a daily because these ones from Paris (and from small boulangeries on street corners) are the best way to enjoy classic French bread and pastries!


Honeymoon in Paris Day 1: The Louvre Pyramid, Seine, Rue de Rivoli

Thursday, November 23, 2017

I was browsing through Facebook the other day and I realized it’s been a year since our honeymoon in Europe! I’ve only been “good” at documenting my trips recently, so I think it’s high time that I unearth some of our photos, tucked away in my external hard drive. For two weeks, we’ve been to France, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and The Netherlands. Although the time we had was too short, my husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon, for most of the time we didn’t plan our itinerary and just went wherever we felt like going.

the louvre pyramid

We arrived at Hôtel de la Place du Louvre, our accommodation in Paris for the first four nights, at around 7:30 AM. Since we couldn’t check-in yet and had to kill time for 7 hours, we walked around 1st Arrondissement on a chilly, November day. Despite being tired and sleepless from our long flight, I was excited to tour my husband around Paris since it was his first time there (second for me).


Kiwi Snacks Haul from New Zealand

Monday, November 20, 2017

My travels abroad aren’t complete without a little bit of shopping. And even though I wasn’t able to shop something for myself (like a souvenir shirt or hoodie) during my entire New Zealand trip (a first for me!), I managed to get a number of Kiwi snacks from Four Square and Countdown supermarkets.

Everything is expensive in New Zealand, like a regular MAC lipstick costs Php 390 more there or the cheapest microwave beef lasagna I found was NZ$ 5. But if there are two affordable items that are worth buying in NZ, these are milk and chocolates.

snacks and chocolates

I didn’t go too crazy in my snacks shopping, but I did get myself 18 items. I was able to bring home most of them and consumed two snacks during my vacation. 80% of these are chocolates in different varieties and I’ve taste tested them in different days. I won’t blab much longer – here’s my Kiwi snacks haul straight from New Zealand!

beech forest

Jet Boating at Dart River and Discovering Middle Earth in Glenorchy

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The fun part about Queenstown is that it’s so close to many exciting activities that cater to all ages and adventure level. On our fourth day, the heavens finally granted us a perfect, cool and sunny day which meant we’re finally heading to Dart River Valley! (Yay!)

snow-capped mountains, lake view

We left Queenstown at 7:50 AM through a scenic drive going to Glenorchy. The view was spectacular, for the ray of sunlight emphasized the snow sprinkled mountain peaks and the flourishing greens that stand out against the dark water of Lake Wakatipu. After the 45-minute drive to Dart River Adventures base in Glenorchy, we put on our rain coat and life vest for our high-speed jet boating tour.

fiordland national park

Milford Sound Cruise from Queenstown

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Milford Sound is one of the most visited attractions in New Zealand’s South Island. It’s the most well-known fiord under the country’s Fiordland National Park and can be accessed by road coming from Queenstown. I didn’t know anything about Milford Sound or fiords until I reached the port where our ship departs.

boat on wharf

At 7:00 AM, a shuttle service from the tour company picked us up at our hotel in Queenstown. At the tour company office, we transferred to a coach going to Milford Sound. It was a scenic drive going to our destination, although I must admit I was surprised to find out it was a four-hour drive (nope, I didn’t research nor plan this trip). The driver-tour guide was skilled to provide commentaries along the way and at the same time maneuver the bus on winding roads.

dart river

10 Things You Should Know When Traveling to Queenstown

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ah. Queenstown. One of God’s beautiful scenic creations and I can’t get enough of it. Once you’ve been there, you know it’s a place you’ll come back to over and over again. Queenstown is the titleholder of the “Adventure Capital of the World” and every adrenaline-junkie knows this is their death-defying playground.

queenstown, snow-capped mountains
Snow-capped peaks and lush trees. View from Camp Street, Queenstown.
I’ve only been there for four days and really, that’s way too short of a time to explore Queenstown fully. Nevertheless, my experience will help you plan for your trip to New Zealand’s must-see destination. Now before you embark on an exciting journey to the world’s adventure capital, here are 10 things you should know when traveling to Queenstown.


Kia Ora! 9 Days in New Zealand

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I just came back from my 9-day trip in New Zealand and it was awesome! Though this vacation was short, this was the longest trip I had this year. It was a battle between going back to Europe for the fourth time or going Oceania for something different. We took the latter option and New Zealand didn’t disappoint. For friends and family asking if I was in NZ for #TheWanForAnne, no I wasn’t there for Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis’ wedding (how I wish! Lol).

lake, snow capped mountains, girl
Enjoying the sun and the view of Lake Wakatipu and snow-capped peaks in Queenstown, New Zealand
Kidding aside, going to New Zealand was a long journey. It took us three plane rides (Manila – Bangkok – Auckland – Queenstown) and more than 24 hours of travel time to finally get to Queenstown. We left Manila at 1:00 PM on November 2 and arrived in Queenstown at 7:40 PM on November 3. The sun was just about to set when we landed and it was one of the most beautiful airport locations I’ve been to, probably one of the best in the world. Queenstown Airport is surrounded by vast, snow-capped mountain ranges all year round. Yes, it was spring when we arrived, but the weather was full-on winter!

New Zealand is known for its nature attractions and preserved natural resources so if you’re the outdoor type of person, this country is your perfect haven. Lush greens and forests, towering peaks, gushing waterfalls, and still lakes – there’s always a nature trip endeavor for every adventure-seeker.

agenda refill

Louis Vuitton 2018 Agenda PM Refill Review

Monday, November 13, 2017

About 3 weeks ago, I got my Louis Vuitton 2018 Agenda PM Refill which is an early holiday gift from my husband. This is the complete week on two pages version and we bought this one at the Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt 4. This is the first time I’ll be using a PM Agenda / Small Ring Agenda cover together with its corresponding refill.

Louis Vuitton diary, maps of the world, directory
2018 Small Fonctionnal Weekly Agenda Refill - Complete
If you’re thinking about getting these inserts yourself, read my detailed review, pros and cons, and close-up photos before you spend on Louis Vuitton’s Luxury Agenda Refills.

The 2018 Agenda Refill came in a box which features a hand-painted, watercolor fashion and travel theme. In the complete weekly version, you get the diary (the actual weekly refills and additional pages), Cartes du Monde (maps of the world), and Repertoire (directory or phonebook). For the weekly diary version, only the diary is included in the box.

filipino food

Sinigang na Isda sa Bayabas Recipe

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Sinigang is a famous Filipino dish that is known for its sour tamarind soup base. Pork, beef, and shrimp are the most common variants of traditional sinigang. There’ another way to cook this popular dish and this time, the main ingredients are fish and guavas.

Guavas give the sinigang a different flavor and the fresh tasting soup fits perfectly with the soft meat of the fish. In this dish, I used Tilapia because it has more meat and less bones than milkfish. Jot down notes and find out how to cook this sinigang alternative.

all saints day

His Last Journey on Earth

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Today in the Philippines, we celebrate All Saints’ Day or what we call Undas. It’s the day when we give extra thought to our departed loved ones and continue to remember them by visiting their graveyards and lighting up a candle for them. If you read my older posts, you know that my father already passed away.

Masada, Israel

It has been two and a half years but whenever I see his photos, I feel like he’s still here. My father was a great provider and he worked day and night to give us a convenient life. When my sister and I were still kids, I remember we couldn’t afford branded clothes, shoes, and school items because my parents’ company was just starting. But before my father passed away, he and my mother let us experience a life of travel.

angeles city

Kimchi Restaurant Review: Affordable Korean Cuisine in Angeles City

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Angeles City is a melting pot of various lifestyle, flashy entertainment, and mouth-watering cuisines. As we frequent Clark on weekends, my husband and I like to discover different food establishments found in Clark and in the heart of Angeles City, Pampanga. One weekend, we stumbled upon a Korean restaurant called Kimchi and we’ve been regular customers since 2016.

korean restaurant

I’ll be honest with you – Kimchi isn’t an upmarket restaurant and they’re not the best place for Samgyeopsal, BUT they serve authentic Korean cuisine at very affordable prices. Owned by two Koreans, this restaurant is located right in Angeles City’s Red Light District. While the customers come from various walks of life, nationalities, jobs, and ages, the only common thing customers share is their appetite for Korean food.


Tuna Pocket Wraps Recipe

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

There are days when I feel lazy to cook but a wife’s gotta do her duties. I’m not obliged to prepare dinner, but I love doing it for my husband. Like most every guy I know, he’s not a healthy eater so when I’m around, I make sure he eats something nourishing.

tuna pocket wraps with salad on the side
This Tuna Pocket Wraps is perfect for those who want to eat a healthy meal but only have little time to prepare. Also, if you have a husband child who doesn’t want to eat vegetables, this is one way to trick him into eating a nutritious meal.

bosnia and herzegovina

What It’s Like in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Autumn

Monday, October 30, 2017

An autumn day in Bosnia and Herzegovina is like being inside the Beast’s castle – fascinating, magical, and a little bit lonely . When the majority of tourists leave and continue their lives in their respective countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina moves to its slumber until the next wave of peak season arrives.

neretva river, bosnia and herzegovina

Having spent three hours on the road from Dubrovnik, crossing the border took some considerable time. Unlike in Montenegro where the stamping of passport was quick and casual, the border guard at B&H personally went inside our minivan to check the faces of individual passengers, despite conversing with our licensed driver and tour guide with all papers presented. It might just be a common protocol, but stamped on the faces of people in our group were worry, confusion, and a bit of tension.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a Balkan country bordered by Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and the Adriatic Sea. It has a long history of being a war-torn country and until now, people are still struggling to survive. Imagine half of the population without a permanent source of livelihood 20 years after the war. And to top it all off, B&H has three presidents – one Bosniak, one Croat, and one Serb – who rotate within a four-year term.

bath products

10 Beauty Products I Constantly Repurchase

Thursday, October 26, 2017

We Filipinos love to take care of ourselves. Whether male or female, we’re very conscious of our personal hygiene, how we look, and how we smell. Part of our daily schedule includes taking a bath or a quick shower, and it’s normal for us to do this more than once a day. Even during fall or winter travel when I literally don’t sweat, I make it to a point to bathe before getting out of the hotel (with my hair still wet – just can’t break the habit!).

beauty and bath products

Using beauty products in our daily lives is like drinking water for survival. Thanks to the Philippines’ abundant malls, supermarket and drugstores, my beauty must-haves are always just a few minutes away from home. I don’t need an expensive face wash to keep my face clean or a luxury soap to make my skin smooth and moisturized. All I need are these 10 beauty products that I constantly repurchase for my face, hair, and body.


Flying to El Nido via AirSWIFT

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Earlier this year, my family and I went to the #bestislandintheworld for the first time. There’s only one airline that flies directly from Manila to El Nido and that’s AirSWIFT. Formerly known as Island Transvoyager, Inc. (ITI Air), the airline rebranded to what is now known as “the Philippines’ only boutique airline offering daily roundtrip flights from Manila to El Nido”.

airswift airline in runway

Claiming that AirSWIFT has “rich heritage of professionalism and we uphold excellence by observing only the highest standards of quality, safety and security in aviation services”, we decided to jump in and put this airline to the test! Ok I admit I’m a little terrified flying in small planes (and being in tight spaces because I’m a bit claustrophobic). Going to El Nido meant flying on board ATR 42-600: a 50-seater plane.


My Holy Grail Lip Products

Monday, October 23, 2017

Lip products are my weakness when it comes to makeup. They’re cheaper than any type of makeup and they come in different colors and finishes. They’re very affordable so it’s easy to build a humongous collection just by buying lipstick, lip pencils, and all those kinds of makeup creation intended for your lips. If I have to choose only one makeup that I can’t live without, it’s got to be a lip product.


I used to own nearly a hundred lipsticks from different brands and I’m not even a beauty blogger nor a makeup artist. I’m just addicted to makeup! But I sold and threw out many of those because I can’t finish everything in my makeup stash. One thing’s for sure – from using local, drugstore, mid-range, high-end to a couple of luxury brands – I can now share with you my 6 holy grail lip products.


Sardines Pasta Recipe

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Not sure what to prepare for a weekend lunch? I’ll teach you how to cook this very simple recipe using only a few ingredients that’s common in the kitchen. When I want to cook something that’s quick but I want to feel like I made an effort into preparing a meal, I always gravitate towards cooking Sardines Pasta.

sardines pasta
This recipe requires Spanish Style Sardines (not the Ligo or 555 ha!). Any brand will do just as long as the sardines are submerged in olive oil since olive oil works best with pasta. Get ready because you’ll have your delicious pasta in less than 30 minutes!

cup noodles

Personalized Cup Noodles at Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Friday, October 20, 2017

On our second day in Osaka, my husband and I went to the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum (now called CUPNOODLES Museum Okada Ikeda). Since we are regular ramen eaters, it’s only apt that we discover its history, how instant ramen is made, and how we can take home our very own personalized cup noodles!

I must admit: instant ramen is a preserved food and therefore, it isn’t entirely healthy. However, eating instant ramen has been a part of our everyday life, especially if you live in a fast-paced environment. It’s one of the most affordable and best comfort foods in the world.

cup noodles museum

When I was away from home in college, instant ramen is my go-to snack. When I travel abroad outside of North and Southeast Asia, I bring 4 to 6 cups with me, especially on countries where I’m not familiar with their food. When I’m sick and have no appetite, I prefer to eat noodles over rice. Consuming instant ramen has its pros and cons, but sometimes you just can’t resist the umami goodness an instant noodle brings!


Pallete Cafe Review: A New Chill Spot in the South

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I’m currently at Pallete Cafe, typing away my thoughts as I wait for my order of Pesto Pasta and Iced Tea. I’m having my super late lunch at 4:00 PM and I thought this would be the perfect place to dine and relax while the bulk of customers hasn’t arrived yet.

cafe restaurant review

Pallete Cafe is a relatively new restaurant in Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque. If you’re coming from Moonwalk and Multinational Village going to Bicutan, you’ve probably seen this several times as it’s just beside Chateau Elysee Condominium. If you like a little change of scenery from your usual coffee shop, this place is an alternative.


My Holy Grail Face Makeup for Combination Skin

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

If you read my post on my go-to base make-up, you’ll know that I have combination skin gearing towards the oily side. I’ve tested a number of foundations and other products before settling down with my base makeup favorites. Now, I’ll go through my top picks when it comes to lasting face make-up.

face makeup

Not only do I have an oily T-Zone, my skin is also slightly sensitive to some face make-up products. I don’t normally look for ingredients that may irritate my skin (which I should do), but my skin just literally speaks to me when it doesn’t like something. I get acne or these little bumps that clog my pores.

No matter if they’re local or high-end, narrowing my search for my holy grail face makeup products has come to an end. Let me show you my top picks and why I love them!

filipino food

Monggo Guisado (Mung Bean Soup) With Shrimp and Tinapa Recipe

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monggo Guisado or Mung Bean Soup is a dish that’s very common in Filipino home-cooking. It’s actually ironic that it’s named guisado (from the Tagalog word “gisa” which means “to sauté” or “stir-fry”), when the end product is actually a soup dish.

monggo guisado
The secret in making this dish quick and easy to cook is to soak the raw mung beans in water overnight. This process reduces the cooking time in half or even less, depending on how thick or watery you want your soup to be. Monggo Guisado is usually cooked with pork and topped with chicharon, but this recipe uses shrimp and tinapa (smoked fish) for a healthier option.


A Day in Montenegro Part 2: Sveti Stefan and Budva

Sunday, October 15, 2017

After our morning tour at the old town of Kotor and climbing the walls leading to St. John Castle, our next destination was Budva. Contrary to Kotor as a cultural and sightseeing location, Budva is well-known to be Montenegro’s center of vibrant nightlife, jam-packed beaches, and luxury living. It has become the new “it” destination in Europe.


Before going straight to Budva old town, we stopped by a viewing point that overlooks Sveti Stefan, a high-end, 5-star island hotel resort in the Adriatic coast. Since the 1960s, Sveti Stefan has been the playground of the rich and famous, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Campbell, and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. It was also the wedding venue of 2014 tennis champion Novak Djokovic. Sveti Stefan was formerly owned by Radenović family for forty years, but now it’s being managed by Aman Resorts – the same luxury hotel group that runs Amanpulo island resort in Palawan, Philippines.

bay of kotor

A Day in Montenegro Part 1: Kotor and San Giovanni Trail

Friday, October 13, 2017

A small country in Southeastern Europe, Montenegro is an Adriatic gem that travelers both within and outside Europe begin to explore. Majestic mountains, medieval towns, Mediterranean views, untouched coastline, rich history, multiple cultural influences, and UNESCO approved sites – there’s nothing short of amazing in this country also known as the “Black Mountain”.

old town, kotor skyline

Contrary to its monicker, this Balkan country is a colorful and picturesque country despite coming here on a gloomy, post-fall weather. Believe it or not Montenegro is a top destination of party-goers and beach lovers during peak season in summer, but still remains charming for people who seek to be in tune with nature. For many Montenegro is still a virtually unknown territory, but it is a rare jewel tucked between the sea and the rocks.


My Holy Grail Eye Makeup Products

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

When it comes to getting my full makeup done, I always spend more time on my eyes than the rest of my face. My tiny eyelid space has gone through many eye makeup products, but now I’m glad I don’t have to spend too much money figuring out what works for me.

eye makeup

Eye makeup is very important to learn, because it can transform one’s look from dainty to dramatic. Whether I’m aiming for a simple everyday look or I want to show my makeup blending skills, I always find myself gearing towards these five holy grail eye makeup products.

conveyor belt sushi

Genroku Sushi Sennichimae: Our First Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The first time I went to Genroku Sushi was with my husband during our trip to Osaka last April. Also known as Genrokuzushi, this is the first ever kaitenzushi in the world – which means conveyor belt sushi restaurant. We already have several of these sushi train restaurants back home, but I waited to try the first and genuine kaitenzushi in Japan.

Genroku Sushi Sennichimae branch

We stepped into Genroku Sushi Sennichimae branch at 2:45 PM for our (very) late lunch. At that time, we had no idea whatsoever that this was Osaka’s most popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Thankfully, the Sennichimae branch had available seats for us, although I wished we were seated in front of the itamae (sushi chefs) so we can see how they skillfully make sushi.

chicken afritada

Chicken Afritada Recipe (Without Tomato Sauce)

Monday, October 09, 2017

Chicken Afritada is one of the staple dishes in the Philippines. Paired with rice, the dish is commonly cooked and served at home. With simple ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, bell pepper, and chicken, anyone can make this dish easily in one pot or pan.

chicken afritada
There are different ways to prepare and cook Chicken Afritada. Most of the time you’ll see Chicken Afritada recipes cooked with tomato sauce, but I prefer to use fresh tomatoes instead. Fresh tomatoes make the dish lighter, healthier, and it’s less sour, too.


(Updated 2018) My 5 Christmas and New Year Wish List for 2017

Sunday, October 08, 2017

So it’s nearly Christmas 2017 and I know people have started writing their wish list. I’ve been watching these wish list videos on YouTube and I actually find them amusing. I began to wonder as to what holiday presents I’d like to receive and I know for a fact there’s one thing my husband and I have been praying for – for months now – and cannot be bought by money.

But let’s be real – the holiday season is one of the biggest retail sales of the year and we can’t ignore the fact that we want to purchase something for ourselves, too (or we hope someone buys them for us!). I like shopping and wrapping presents for other people first during Christmas. And then after Christmas, that’s when I want to get a hold of my wish list towards January the following year. I know I’m weird. I just like the feeling of still having money to spend for myself towards the new year when everyone else’s pockets are already empty because of holiday shopping.

holiday gifts

So what do I want to get myself this year (or early next year)? Here are my top 5 picks.

big bus paris

15 Money-Saving Tips for Your Short Stay in Paris

Friday, October 06, 2017

To say that Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world is an understatement. How can you resist the beautiful, walkable city day and night, the magnificent architecture filled with history, the nooks and cafes you read in novels, the Parisienne dressed in classic fashionable ensemble, and the mouth-watering patisserie on every corner? While Paris can woo you like a passionate lover, it can also turn into a thief in the night – literally – even if you stay only for a few days.
eiffel tower
Despite the huge cost, tourists still consider Paris as one of their must-visit destinations in Europe. If you’re coming from Southeast Asia or from countries requiring at least 12 hours of travel, you can save your money (and energy) by following these 15 helpful tips for your short stay in Paris – the convenient, mid-range way.


My Holy Grail Eyebrow Products

Thursday, October 05, 2017

These days, people often comment on how good your makeup is just by looking at your brows. It’s true. I get complimented with my makeup, but they first look at how well I shape or did my brows. Makeup techniques have definitely evolved over the years but one can’t deny the fact that when you have good eyebrows, your whole makeup game perks up.

eyebrow makeup

Even if you don’t have a full makeup on, you will still look put-together just by having brows that are well-groomed and well-shaped. Over the years, I tried a TON of different eyebrow products to make my #browgamestrong. From affordable to high-end ones, I narrowed them down to these four types of holy grail eyebrow products.


My Holy Grail Base Makeup for Combination Skin

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Picking my holy grail makeup products was three years in the making. I have combination skin (oily on the t-zone and normal to dry on the perimeter of the face) which made it difficult for me to find the perfect foundation that doesn’t easily melt on the face, especially under the hot and humid weather of the Philippines. In addition to that, I have yellow undertone so it was difficult to find a drugstore foundation that matches the color of my face and neck.

benefit, innisfree, l'oreal

Being a makeup enthusiast, I’ve been trying out and collecting makeup for years. I think it started about two years ago when I began to seriously collect drugstore, high-end, and Korean makeup. I got a lot of help from watching beauty vloggers on YouTube and made a handful of trial and error myself. Right now, I seldom test new makeup anymore because I find myself gravitating to these holy grail base makeup products I swear by.


Mussels Buzara Recipe

Friday, September 29, 2017

The first time I tasted Mussels Buzara was on a trip to Montenegro during our honeymoon. It’s a common and popular dish in coastal Croatia and the rest of the Dalmatian region, including Montenegro. The term “buzara” means “stew” in Croatia.

Mussels Buzara is very easy to prepare, with only a few ingredients found even on local Philippine grocery stores. The key to a tasty buzara is to get the right ingredients and the freshest seafood. If mussels are hard to find, you can substitute shrimp or clams. I normally use mussels because I can easily find them in my local supermarket. In addition, mussels are cheaper than clams and easier to eat than shrimp.

biff square

12 Things to Do in Busan for 4 Days and 3 Nights

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Busan (previously named Pusan), the second most populated city in Korea, is home to cultural and economic sectors of southeast region of Korea. With Busan having Korea’s busiest port and strategic location, the said city became well-known for its international trade, ship building industry, as well as tourism. Busan also hosts international conventions, film festivals, as well as sports tournaments. While many foreign tourists flock to Seoul during their first time in Korea, more and more returning tourists discover Busan for its more laidback and history-filled way of life.
LED roof
Busan Cinema Center. Image from Busan Tourism Center.
Coming from the Philippines, local and international airlines now offer direct flights to Busan for faster and more convenient travel. During the long weekend last August, my family and I spent the long weekend at Busan, making it my third trip to Korea. Though a weekend trip isn’t enough to explore Busan in all its glory, you can still do plenty of things in Busan for 4 days and 3 nights. I’ve listed down 12 things for you to explore in Busan for a short getaway. Read until the last part – you’ll probably want to visit that one!


Fight for My Way Filming Location in Busan

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

If you're a K-drama addict, you've probably watched the ever so kilig Korean drama series Fight for My Way (also known as Third-Rate My Way or Ssam My Way). The story revolves around four friends who struggle with life, love, and adulthood.

k-drama location

Fight for My Way's main characters are Ko Dong-man (Park Seo-joon), a former famous Taekwondo athlete who now does manual labor for a pest control service, and his best friend Choi Ae-ra, who dreams of becoming a TV announcer, but finds herself working at the information desk of a department store.


Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik

Monday, July 17, 2017

So the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 aired this morning in Southeast Asia. How do I feel about it without sounding like a spoiler? Aaaah.. I think I'm going to watch it tonight once more on HBO. If you accidentally found this post, I suggest you to have dinner first before watching the first episode.

game of thrones
View of Old Town, Dubrovnik. For GOT fans, this is King's Landing.

3 coins

Japan Haul: Makeup, Skincare, and Clothes Shopping in Osaka

Thursday, April 27, 2017

If there’s another shopping haven in the world you need to see, it’s got to be Osaka. From apparel, drugstore products, to food items you can only find in Japan, it’s right at the center of Osaka. Before flying to Japan last April 5, I listed down all the things I wanted to shop for. Majority of these were makeup and skincare since I love to hoard try different products, especially those raved about by beauty bloggers and YouTube content creators. 

shopping in osaka, japan


The Planner that Will Change my Life this 2017

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I know. I’m two months behind this post. While everyone else excitedly planned their lives ahead last January, I was savouring the last bit of the holiday season for as long as I can. Truth be told, towards the end of 2016 life was so good to me that I didn’t want it to end. However, we must all move on from all the good and the bad, and face another year with high hopes that it will be better than ever.


On the last week of January, I (re)purchased another planner because my mother accidentally used the generic one that I bought. I’ve gone through several planners throughout the years. Many were used and abused, while others just got lost somewhere in my pad and never saw the light of day. With mobile phones taking over our daily lives, my phone has become my go-to source of daily jotting and scheduling.


Review: The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Face Shop is a Korean beauty brand that’s widely popular and available here in Manila. It’s very common to see The Face Shop in malls where you can easily get attracted to their ever so popular 1 + 1 makeup deals (or 5 + 5 deals for their sheet masks!) and vast range of nail polishes. Plus, they have great makeup products such as their Lovely me:ex eyebrow pencil and Ink Graffi liquid liner (which I have been using for years).  So when I found out that their Moisture Touch Lipstick range is on sale, I knew I had to try one!

product review on lipstick

I didn’t own any Korean lipstick prior to this, mainly because most of the Korean lipstick shades available in stores (here in Manila) are either too bright or too pale for those with medium or morena skin tone.  Plus, the color range is very limited. The formulation is sometimes a bit off, too. I’m sure you've encountered lipstick testers which are either too soft/too messy or too dry to swatch.

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